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You're a vixen, Amy Farrah Fowler!
Hello :) My real name is Lizzy, but you can call me Cuddles if you'd like ^_^ I'm 20 years old. I love The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik, Jim Parsons, and Shamy! I'm working towards earning a degree in Veterinary Science. I also love Doctor Who, Blossom, 8 Simple Rules, Star Trek, Firefly, and Friends. I'm pretty shy, but I like talking to people and I tend to feel more comfortable around people the more I get to know them. I always follow back :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog and have a great day! =D

Shamy - The first pitch insufficiency


Shamy - The first pitch insufficiency

Season 8, Episode 3: The First Pitch Insufficiency.

Some things will never change :)


Best of Amy!



It’s okay with me that you’re not perfect. [alt version]